Fluid Dynamics has always been fully committed to energy conservation.

New Title 20 legislation can be a dramatic benefit to pool owners when properly implemented. Dave Penton, CEO says, "We have one service client who saw his energy bill drop over $300 per month simply by re-working his existing pool equipment." Not only does he see an ongoing reduction in his overall carbon footprint, but there is also a dramatic decrease in the "noise pollution" generated by the pool itself. What used to be a yard with the all -too familiar drone of a running pool pump, is now a virtually silent and serene environment that everyone can enjoy.

Many pool owners are unaware that their pool equipment is one of the largest energy hogs in their household, running a very close second to the air conditioning.

Through the use of cutting-edge equipment, proper installation techniques, powerful computer modeling software, and individualized hydraulic evaluation of every project, it is possible to reduce energy consumption up to 90%. Most of our new construction projects are consuming around 100 - 150 watts of electricity; similar to a single light bulb in your home. This is in stark contrast to the 1600 to 2000 or more watts which is the norm for most older pools.

Fluid Dynamics has been able to dramitically decrease the overall environmental impact of the projects they build. " We are constantly integrating the latest technology, working very closely with the manufacturers, and other industry professionals, and continually re-evaluating our hydraulic systems to fine-tune each individual project, and offer the client an environmentally conscious pool, that also works well."

As Green Technology becomes more readily available throughout the industry it is important to keep up with the latest emerging trends.

LED lighting is probably the most mainstream of the emerging technologies currently in wide use. The benefits to this technology are multifaceted. The primary benefit is that LED lighting uses significantly less energy to attain the same illumination qualities as standard pool lighting. A significantly more important benefit is the removal of high voltage (120 v.) fixtures within the pool itself. Some (not all) LED fixtures are low voltage (12 v.) which significantly reduces danger to the swimmer.

One trend which is growing rapidly is the use of GeoThermal Water Source Heat Pumps. This technology utilizes heat from the Earth itself to heat up the watershape. This technology is actually proven to be nearly 400% efficient! That is not a typo, actual 370% efficency ratings can be acheived as compared to 95% for the most efficient Residential Fossil Fuel (Gas) pool heaters available on the market today. (Most standard pool heaters are approx. 85% efficient)

Another Trend which is growing in popularity is the use of alternative sanitation methods, including dramatically reducing, or even eliminating Chlorine altogether. Ozone is the most prominent currently available commercially, but UV and Electrolytic Generation (other than salt) are emerging technologies which are currently in developement, or the early stages of implementation.